Hospital Equipment Wish List

The Headwaters House Tour is one of a number of events organized by dedicated volunteers each year to help raise funds for medical equipment used to diagnose and treat patients in our community and bring new life into our community. Last year, the Headwaters House Tour raised $84,500! Can we count on your support to help the House Tour reach its goal this year?

Your Ticket is Your Donation! Every dollar you spend is donated to the Headwaters Health Care Centre for the purchase of equipment priorities, such as:

 Department Item Donation


Ambulatory Care Cast Saw System (1 Paediatric & 1 Adult) $10,100
Ambulatory Care Stress Test Treadmill $27,000
Diagnostic Imaging Portable X-Ray Unit $220,000
Diagnostic Imaging/Surgery Ultrasound Unit (3 @ $126,700, 1 @ $30,000) $410,100
Emergency Rapid Infuser/Fluid Warmer $19,500
Hospital Wide Bed and Mattress Sets (5 needed @ $8,100) $40,500
Hospital Wide Contingency for Urgent Purchases $150,000
Hospital Wide Laptops, Computers, Printers and Server Replacement $155,000
Hospital Wide IV Poles, Commode & Geriatric Chairs $56,150
Hospital Wide Nurse Call Upgrade System $450,000
Hospital Wide Patient Room Infection Control Shelves $30,000
Hospital Wide System Software & Upgrades
(Archiving, Financial, Meditech, Scheduling)
Hospital Wide Stretchers (2 @ $7,000) $14,000
Hospital Wide Telemetry $157,850
Hospital Wide Voice Recognition Dictation System $87,200
Hospital Wide Wheelchairs (2 @ $2,300, 4 @ $600) $7,000
ICU / Palliative Specialty Bed and Mattress Set $41,000
Laboratory Centrifuges (2 @ $6,000) $12,000
Laboratory Microscope $6,000
Laboratory Quality Control Data Management System $25,000
Medical Program Tub Room – E wing $17,500
Obstetrics Birthing Bed $19,400
Obstetrics Bili Blanket $5,600
Obstetrics Diaper Scale $1,700
Obstetrics Doppler $1,200
Obstetrics Fetal Monitor $21,000
Obstetrics Radiant Warmer $21,000
Obstetrics Room Renovations – Lighting $9,600
Patient ood Services Renovation – Stainless Steel Food Preparation Area $16,350
Plastic Surgery Program Skin Graft Mesher, Microscope, Dermatome,
Retractor, X-ray unit
Surgical Program Colonoscope $36,000
Surgical Program Bed, Vital Sign Monitor, Drill/Saw, Telescopes $96,100
Surgical Program OR Renovations $12,600
Surgical Program Surgical Instrumentation Trays (2 @ $20,000) $40,000
Total to be Raised from our Community $3,709,450